Mike’s Manifesto

I am a strong atheist. I am prepared to stake my life on it, right now, that there is no god. (But let me delete my browser history first.) I believe that all religions, including the milder brands that do not advocate beheading and stoning, do more harm than good. If you want to believe in a fairytale entity called God, that’s your choice, but lay off trying to persuade others to join you in your delusion.

I call myself a socialist libertarian. I believe that we should be doing more for the poor and unfortunate, not simply in the form of handouts, but through the creation of opportunities. I believe that the best way to do this is through capitalism, which has in my lifetime lifted more people out of poverty than any other system at any other time in history. I believe that the Great Society should guarantee a minimum standard of material welfare. I also believe that the Great Society should guarantee the right to exceed that minimum standard by as much as you wish and are able. I may think it sick that celebrities indulge in million-dollar parties while there are starving children to be fed ,clothed, housed, educated and given medical care, but that is moralising. If you want to party, that’s your choice.

I oppose the form of socialism manifested in a planned economy, with productive assets owned by the state. Ownership by the state is not ownership by the people. It’s the exact opposite, taking ownership away from the people.

I do not believe in the claims of catastrophic global warming. I believe that global temperatures have risen over the last 130 years. I believe that human activities have made some contribution to this. I believe that other factors besides human emissions of carbon dioxide have also made substantial contributions to warming. I believe that future warming will be mild and nett beneficial. I oppose carbon taxes and other practices that result in the impoverishment of humanity.

I oppose abortion on demand. The pro-choice argument is based solely on the proposition that a woman’s rights over her own body are absolute. As a libertarian (though my stance is not supported by all libertarians) I believe that your rights end where my body starts. Attempts to differentiate abortion from other cases of physical violence are merely special pleading.

I believe that humanity has entered a golden age of leisure and prosperity. Thanks to great productivity increases, the state is able to provide for those who are unable to work or do not wish to. Soon this privilege will be extended to all in the form of a universal basic income. These productivity increases have been brought about by technology, aided by artificial intelligence. The golden age will come to an end when artificial intelligence is superior to human intelligence. At that point the robots will ask themselves why they should have to pay for the existence of a parasitic organism. Humans will be the pets of the robots and will be subjected to sterilization.

I support the war on hard drugs. I have seen how they ruin lives.

I regard gender politics as a perverted joke. Gender itself is deadly serious. If my name was Jeff Bezos, I would want to be sure that the products I suggested to each user were what they wanted. When the drop-down check box lists 58 options rather than only two, my chances of getting a sale become much, much higher.

I support same-sex marriages. So what if someone chooses to be gay. Just as I, a heterosexual, cannot be told who I should feel sexually attracted towards, so homosexuals must be allowed to have sex with whoever they find sexually attractive. Ditto for falling in love. Marriage is partly an emotional commitment and partly a protection of property rights. Homosexuals should have the same protection as anyone else. So should their children.

I believe that sex is the greatest of physical pleasures and that it is cruel to withhold it from anyone who has attained sexual maturity. Masturbation should be a choice, not the only way out. Now that we are able to control sexually transmitted diseases and provide contraception, I believe that sex should be allowed even between early adolescents, with strict age-difference constraints to prevent the exploitation of the emotionally immature by adults and practiced seducers.

I believe that your IQ has little to do with your worth as a human. The intellectual elites who scorn rednecks are racists and hypocrites.

I support GMO and vaccination.

I would never own a gun, but this is simply because I don’t trust myself.

I believe that we have the unions to thank for improved labor conditions. Having achieved all its reasonable objectives, the role of the modern union movement should be that of a watchdog. I see that unions now aim at securing inequitable privileges for their members, to the cost of other members of society. My heart sympathises with calls for increases in the minimum wage, while reality tells me that this endows the haves and punishes the have-nots.

I think that Trump has the potential to be a bad president, because of his views on trade. The rust belt cannot be resurrected. The same economic factors that caused the death of obsolete and uncompetitive industries will cause them to fail again. Trump will be pouring money into a bottomless pit. I think that Clinton would have been just as bad, and probably worse. She sponsored the Syrian war and the rise of ISIS. Fortunately the Establishment, Republican as well as Democrat, oppose Trump and he will be a lame duck president, unable to get his policies through Congress.

Save the Rhino. It isn’t working, is it? Some wit (not Einstein) defined insanity as repeating the same failed behavior over and over and expecting better results. Rhino horn can be harvested from living animals. Make it so cheap and plentiful that it ceases to be a status symbol, not worth risking your life to poach.  Ditto elephant ivory. But we are dealing with dedicated fuckwits here, no not the kind of fuckwits who think Trump is a great president, I’m talking about the kind of hardcore fuckwits who think Clinton would have been a better president than Trump. I doubt a thing will change until the rhino and the elephant are extinct.

Although not a British citizen and only indirectly affected, I supported Brexit. The Euro is a disaster and the EU is an abomination.

I support capital punishment, but only for the most vicious crimes. The purpose of prisons should not be punishment but to keep those people away from society. The horrors of prisons in many parts of the world show that their inmates belong there. In such an environment, the notion of reforming criminals is a joke. It’s the prison system that needs reforming.


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